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stop overpaying

for your medications.

Our cost savings reviews are free and at no obligation. We will help you save money on your prescription costs and get you on a road to better health!

The cost savings reviews are available to help you save money on your prescription costs to get you on a road to better health. Our licensed pharmacist will sit down with you and go over your complete list of prescriptions one by one to help you find all the ways you can save money.


We recommend these one-on-one private reviews whether you have prescription insurance coverage or not.  More than half of our customers have prescription coverage, but we are able to provide their medications at a lower cost than their insurance co-pays.


We are also able to minimize Medicare out-of-pocket costs incurred by the ‘donut hole’. 

Whether it's your first time or if you're looking to do your annual cost savings review to see if we can help save you more. We challenge everyone to save. Schedule a cost savings review with us today!


Insurance doesn't always mean better for your wallet. We offer free reviews to help you find out what meds you need insurance for, and find out those meds that you don't.

medicare should be a benefit, not a burden.

You have better ways to spend your income than throwing money down the dreaded Medicare “Donut Hole!” The “Donut Hole”, or Medicare coverage gap, is when your Medicare Part D Drug Plan has reached its coverage limit and you have to pay huge costs out of pocket for your meds until the plan reaches a certain out-of-pocket limit, also called catastrophic coverage. It can mean thousands of dollars paid by you for what is not covered by this gap. Most people don’t know about it until they get up to the pharmacy counter and their medication cost goes up drastically.

At GenScripts Pharmacy, we specialize in maximizing your benefit dollars with a personalized, strategic annual plan for every Medicare Part D customer. Schedule a free private consultation today with one of our friendly licensed pharmacists, and we will personally review all your medications, and for no charge and no obligation, we will provide you a written report. This report will include our prices and suggestions for you and your physician on how to avoid, or at least delay, spending money on “donut hole” prescriptions.


It only takes a few minutes of your time, and could literally save you hundreds of dollars next year.

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