Walt Sabourin

This place is great!! A years supply of many medications for less than some places charge for a 30 day supply!. The’ve got my business…

Patrick Conley

$380.00 at Walgreens or $91.00 at GenScripts. Wait 3 hours for Wallgreens or get it in 5 minutes at GenScripts. Get treated like a number at Walgreens or treated like family at GenScripts. The choice is clear folks!

Marilyn Hill

The doctors at Oklahoma Heart Institute sends lots of our patients to GenScripts – you provide a wonderful service!

Leigh Hendrix Morris

What a great find! I recommend you check with GenScripts before filling or refilling your prescriptions. My antibiotic cost $21 here would have been $80 at big chain drug Store! Staff was wonderful.

John Paul Mattison

Best place in town to purchase your meds friendly people, fast and efficient, unbelievable prices. Thank you for saving me lots of money and time.

Jim Lowe

The only place to be my meds I went from $2500 a year to less than $100. You all are great.

Darla Buske Wilson

We are staying out of the “donut hole” with GenScripts! And, my daughter saved hundreds on a rare script she has to buy that insurance won’t cover! Just wish they had more places, We drive several miles to another town to use them.

Cynthia Givens-Ament

I recently transferred a prescription to GenScripts Pharmacy. I was thrilled with the lower price and customer service. Great place.

Angela Derrick Smoot

Love! I have good insurance but three month supply of my script at genscripts without insurance is the same as one month supply co pay at chain pharmacy. That’s like getting two months for free!!