GenScripts Pricing




GenScripts Pharmacy is specifically designed to serve customers who personally pay for their prescriptions. Other pharmacies spend lots of time and money to attract their major customers - the insurance companies and government programs (third-party payers). These institutions force pharmacies to accept extremely deep discount contracts, and the self-pay patient unfortunately makes up the difference with higher prices. 

At GenScripts, YOU are our customer. We only charge the fair market value for any prescription drug, and our prices are based on acquisition cost. When we improve our buying position, we pass those savings on to our customers. And because we don’t work with insurance or third-party payers, all of our customers get the same great prices for the medicines they need. Click here for a price list on many of the most commonly prescribed medications, or call us today for a free quote on your prescription needs. 

Our licensed pharmacists are available to consult with you, and your doctor, for ways to save money on your current drug regimen. We’ll always tell you the price before you buy, and our consultations are completely free. You don’t need to resort to mail order drugs, or out-of-country buying to find quality medicine at low prices. GenScripts is right here in Tulsa, OK, and we would be glad to answer any questions you may have. 

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or cash for payment (no checks). We do not bill insurance companies or government programs; however, we will document Rx spending at GenScripts for you if it will help with obtaining reimbursement from a benefit plan or for tax purposes. 

*The list of drugs and prices is subject to change.